Implementation of Digital TV Numbering (CH 1-36) Across All Platforms Including Cable TV and Satellite TV by December 2

According to Mr. Takorn Tantasith, Secretary-General of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC Secretary-General), the NBTC Notification on the criteria for television channels numbering, which was announced in the Royal Thai Government Gazette dated on October 2, 2015, shall become effective from December 2, 2015 onwards. The rule requires that all licensed non-spectrum television operators such as satellite TV and cable TV must provide general television programs (digital TV channels) via CH 1-36 whereas the remaining CH 37-60 shall be allocated for any other programs deemed appropriate by the operator.           

Mr. Takorn further mentioned that the implementation of this notification shall help to avoid any confusion in terms of channels numbering among viewers when accessing digital TV contents on different platforms. Viewers will be able to access the same program on satellite TV system, cable TV system or even digital TV system by simply pressing CH1.   

Currently, digital TV programs can be viewed on the following channels: CH1 (Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Station CH5 HD1), CH2 (National Broadcasting Services of Thailand), CH3 (ThaiPBS HD) and CH10 (Thai Parliament TV).

Meanwhile, children, youth and family programs can be viewed from CH13 onwards which includes CH3 Family, CH14 MCOT Family and CH15 LOCA.
News and material contents which start from CH16 onwards which includes TNN24, CH17 (Thai TV), CH18 (NEW TV), CH19 (SPRING NEWS), CH20 (BRIGHT TV), CH21 (VOICE TV) and CH22 (NATION TV).

General programs (SD) which start from CH23 onwards which includes CH23 (WORKPOINT TV), CH24 (True4U), CH25 (GMM), CH26 (NOW), CH27 (CH8), CH28 (CH3 SD) and CH29 (MONO 29).

HD general programs which start from CH30 onwards which includes CH30 (MCOT HD), CH31 (ONE HD), CH32 (Thairat TV), CH33 (CH3 HD), CH34 (AMARIN TV HD), CH35 (CH7 HD) and CH36 (PPTV HD).

“Starting from this December 2nd onwards, viewers nationwide will be able to watch the same television program on the same channel number across every platform, whether it be cable TV or satellite TV.  Meanwhile, NBTC shall focus on driving the implementation of channels numbering rule which is enforceable,” said Mr. Takorn.   


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