BTFP Policy and Management Framework

BTFP management can be divided into two main aspects including:
  1. BTFP Financial Management
  • To issue rules and regulations concerning maintenance, expenditures, accounting and accounting system.
  • To prepare BTFP budget plan based on performance-based budgeting principle.
  • To ensure BTFP financial stability and sustainability by establishing 3-year financial plan (2014-2016). 
  • To maintain appropriate financial level and financial stability to ensure operational continuity in order to achieve both short and long term missions.
  1. BTFP Fund Appropriations
  • To manage and appropriate BTFP fund with the aim to promote service availability and accessibility among general public, including conducting research and development and personnel development, ensuring consumer protection and supporting the operations of Safe and Creative Media Development Fund.
  • To support service coverage expansion operations in remote and no-service areas to fulfill the USO plan defined by The National Telecommunications Commission of NBTC and the plan to ensure universal access to broadcasting and television services defined by The National Broadcasting and Television Services Commission.      
  • To encourage business and civil society sectors toward becoming a key player or joining forces with BTFP in driving relevant operations toward achieving the defined objectives.    
  • To promote and support general public and youths to take part in sharing knowledge on various professions, education, arts and culture via broadcasting and telecommunication services. 

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