Power and Duties of the BC

Power and Duties of the BC
  1. To license and regulate the use of frequencies and radio communications equipment in the undertaking of broadcasting business, and prescribe licensing criteria and procedures, conditions, or licensing fees.
  2. To license and regulate the broadcasting business to ensure that the users are provided with services with quality, efficiency, timeliness, reliability and fairness; and prescribe licensing criteria and procedures, conditions, or licensing fees.
  3. To prescribe criteria and procedures for network access and interconnection, and criteria and procedures for setting access or interconnection charges for the radio and television broadcasting services, both for the same type of business and other types of business, to be fair to users, service providers and investors with regard to the public interest.
  4. To set tariff structure and price structure for broadcasting services to be fair to users and service providers with regard to public interest.
  5. To set standards and technical specifications for broadcasting services.
  6. To prescribe measure for the prevention of anti-competitive conduct or unfair competition in broadcasting services.
  7. To protect right and liberty of the general public from being taken advantages by operators; protect individual right of privacy and freedom to communicate; including promoting right, freedom and equality of the general public in access to, and use of spectrum in the broadcasting services.
  8. To monitor and provide advice on the broadcasting services.
  9. To promote a formation of licensees, broadcasters, and mass media professionals in the broadcasting businesses into diverse forms of organizations which will have the mandate to set forth ethical standards and self-regulation pertaining to the occupation or profession under the ethical standards.

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