MOU Signing between NBTC and Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC)

On May 12, 2015, the Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (Office of the NBTC) hosted an MOU signing ceremony between NBTC and Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) at Conference Room, 2nd Floor, Office of the NBTC. This MOU signing was initiated by the leaders of both organizations who recognize the importance and benefits of establishing a serious and concrete collaboration.   

The aim is to create mutual collaboration between NBTC and Korea Communications Standards Commission in terms of providing mutual supports and sharing of best practices in regards to the regulation of broadcasting and telecommunications businesses, including developing a collaboration framework in supporting regulating policies and operations for mutual interests of both countries. This includes 1) developing an official collaboration framework between the two organizations which have common interests, 2) developing a framework for mutual sharing of information, 3) setting up and improving communication channels between the two organizations, 4) sharing of specialists in various fields to promote mutual knowledge sharing, and 5) promoting engagement among relevant organizations and mutually building a possible environment.

The success of this MOU signing will allow sharing of useful information that will be beneficial to the broadcasting industry and at the same time help to promote secured online communication by allowing the general public to access accurate and safe information. At the same time, regulators must ensure equality and always take into account the overall public interest.     

KCSC is an organization set up to be responsible for controlling and monitoring the media contents of Korean broadcasting businesses to ensure they are legal and appropriate and based on equality and fairness to ensure the best interest of the overall country.    


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