NTC Chairman Promotes IoT to Boost Thailand’s Industrial Development and Expects Over 20,000 Million IoT Devices to be Utilized in Transportation and Healthcare Industries Worldwide by the Year 2020 to Cut Down Human Resource Cost

Col. Settapong Malisuwan. Ph.D., Vice Chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC Vice Chairman) and Chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), gave keynote speech at the seminar event on “Internet of Things: Thailand’s Opportunities, Challenges, Readiness and Regulations” by stating that Internet of Things (IoT) has started to play a vital role among various industries starting from items and products tracking to transportation and healthcare services. By 2020, over 20,000 million IoT devices are expected to be available worldwide in replacement of long-distance data collection technology. Due to certain limitations of the former technology, various industries have been driven to seek far more advanced technology with higher precision like IoT technology which has now become the main focus of many business sectors.      
NTC Chairman also mentioned that IoT devices have now been more widely applied in healthcare industry as they allow more effective and convenient treatment such as connected sensors which are often used for patient diagnosis, examination and management. Most IoT devices are wearable to allow easy and efficient patient monitoring. Also, all sensors installed within hospitals are connected to form a network, enabling efficiency enhancement in terms of healthcare service and patient monitoring. The adoption of IoT technology in healthcare industry does not only help to promote engagement among related parties but also help to minimize cost.    

Furthermore, IoT technology is also utilized in fuel and natural gas industry starting from drilling, pumping to monitoring monitor display and gas pipelines to allow business continuity throughout mining process. This is because IoT devices enable quick problem analysis.    

“IoT technology is changing the game by replacing automatic system used among various industries starting from stalling IoT infrastructure as main platform in various organizations. These IoT platforms had already began to operate and underwent system testing to help rectify unsolved problems in the past to create values and benefits for the industrial sector. Most importantly, the use of IoT technology can help to cut down human labor costs and at the same time enhance performance efficiency by providing RealTime respose whenever problems occurred,” said NTC Chairman.      

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