Office of the NBTC Reports Positive Signs in Digital TV Market As Ratings Move Closer to the Original Channels Thanks to Live Sports Program

The Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (Office of the NBTC) reported current situation in digital terrestrial television market (Digital TV) in June 2016 by stating that as of June 15, 2016 the number of digital TV viewers had climbed up to 46.29% which is close to that of the original channels (channels 3, 5, 7, 9, NBT and ThaiPBS) which is at 53.71%. This shows that larger number of viewers started to shift their demands to digital TV. Such positive trend is mainly due to an extensive list of popular national and international sports programs available in June. Due to its popularity, both original and new channels therefore bought copyrights from foreign channels in order to provide live sports broadcasting for local viewers. This includes live broadcasting of Thai-Syria King’s Cup Football Championship via Thairat TV Channel which boosted channel ratings to its highest record of 6.072, allowing Thairat TV to climb up from 10th rank on the ratings chart in May to 7th rank in June.              

What’s more, the live broadcasting of 2016 Volleyball Olympics Championship via Workpoint Channel in May had also clearly boosted the channel’s ratings when compared to the period before and after the live broadcast. The matches that called for highest ratings include Thai-Japan and Thai-Peru at 7.625 and 7.513, respectively.

  With climbing ratings, it can be anticipated that digital TV channels might shift its focus live sports programs and decided to purchase copyrights from foreign countries in order to deliver more sports programs to local viewers. While the Olympics is expected to boost each channel’s ratings, an increase in revenue from commercial programs can also be expected.  

Meanwhile, the overall commercial revenue for digital TV as of May 2016 is equal to Bt 1,696 million while the original channels is at Bt 4,640 million, totaling Bt 6,336 million or an increase by 3% comparing to the previous month. 

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