Multidimensional Graph for Television Business Market Condition Data

                  The data of broadcasting and television industry are processed and displayed in form of multidimensional graph (Business Intelligence: BI) with  interactive usage property that can select period of time required for display the result in order to view retroactive to current data, resulting in recognition of the real occurring industrial trend, simple usage and convenience to use data in support of study and research. The knowledge and understanding in television business industry shall be created for Office of NBTC, academicians, students and general people. It shall be deemed as more effective use of data for maximum social benefit. The said data shall be disseminated via the main website of the Office of NBTC ( under “Research/Development" Menu, “Television Business Market Condition Data”  Topic, which have been opened for use since 2 April 2015 onwards. The content consists of the report of industrial movement such as Proportion of Household Penetration Channel for TV View, Proportion of Viewer for Subscribing-Type and General Service-Type Program Channel (% Share Viewer) and TV Rating (TVR) under Program Channel for TV Rating by Category and TV Rating by Age, as well as data of TV Advertising Spending.


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