NBTC Teaming Up With Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to Seek Measures for Reducing Thai-Japan International Mobile Roaming Service Rates and Promoting Ultra HDTV and Content Development Industries

On April 30, 2015, Mr. Takorn Tantasith, NBTC Secretary-General, stated that NBTC led by Air Chief Marshal Thares Punsri, NBTC Chairman together with Col. Natee Sukonrat, Ph.D., NBTC Vice Chairman and NBC Chairman, Col. Settapong Malisuwan. Ph.D., NBTC Vice Chairman and NTC Chairman, and Mr. Takorn Tantasith, NBTC Secretary-General, held a meeting with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan to mutually seek proper measures for lowering International Mobile Roaming service rates between Thailand and Japan, both in terms of data roaming and voice roaming services. This allows both Thai and Japanese telecommunications operators to work closely together, marking positive sign for Thailand’s tourism industry and entrepreneurs. The meeting also discussed on mutual cooperation in the development and transfer of audiovisual technology in 4K and 8K systems which had already been demonstrated once in the month of February and received great interests from the audience. In addition, the exchange of contents between both parties had also been proposed. Later this afternoon, 11 entrepreneurs from Japan will be presenting 4K technology and programs together with Thai entrepreneurs in order to select the best contents and establish business partnership.  

This collaboration will be beneficial to Thailand in various aspects especially in terms of economic development by promoting investment in the development of high-quality contents by Thai and Japanese television business operators, including supporting the adoption of Ultra HDTV (4K) and Smart TV by Thailand’s television industry. Meanwhile, the reduction of both data roaming and voice roaming service rates will be beneficial to the telecommunications industry of both countries.   

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